We are Stronger Together

A foundation that grants scholarships to children who want to participate in any youth sports programs across the Central Missouri area. We provide an opportunity to a group of kids that wouldn’t normally be able to participate in organized sports or camps.

Our Goal

As Stronger Together continues to grow we want to create more fundraisers throughout the year, generate more funds, and we hope to impact more and more kids each year. Annually, our goal is to help to as close to 100 kids as possible and create opportunities for them that would never be possible.

Interested in a Scholarship

To apply for a scholarship, you will need to complete an application and submit it by the deadline.

Benefits of Sports

From the health benefits, to socialization to improving mood, there are multiple benefits to taking part in sports. We want to impact the lives of children through participation in team sports, individual sports, camps or activities.

Why Camp Scholarships?

Participating in sports and youth camps helps instill teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, respect, motivation and integrity into young people’s lives — and many are restricted because of financial considerations.

Every Little Bit Counts

Most people don’t realize how putting $3.00 toward a kid in need versus a cup of coffee can really make a difference. But we do. We see it on the faces of our players who get the opportunity to play, win and learn because of your support.

Interested in a youth scholarship?

To apply for a scholarship, please click the Apply Now button below. You will need to print and complete the application, as well as provide the necessary information. If you have any questions, please call us at 636-544-1249.

What our supporters and recipients say!

We have two daughters who were fortunate enough to have good coaching available to them when they were young and we were fortunate enough to be able to pay for their early training and competitive athletic experiences.  Not everyone can do this and we felt this was our way to help other families provide a worthwhile athletic development opportunity for their children.
Randy Kampfe


City of Refuge is so thankful for the Stronger Together Foundation because they have gotten behind our vision of offering every refugee child in Columbia an opportunity to play sports. They have offered scholarships to some of the children and have encouraged people to sponsor a few of the refugee kids in the area of sports.
City of Refuge


I want to sponsor because I want to help keep children connecting through their love of sports and reaping the benefits of those connections. Sports is that connector, no matter what language. These connections create a multitude of lifelong bonds, provide endless personal growth experiences, and continue to open up and support options for on going connections with athletes of all ages.
Teri Souder


Vernell is a 4th grader who loves to play all sports. Basketball and track are his favorites, but he also participates in many school activities. Because of the Stronger Together Foundation, Vernell is able to participate in both of his favorite sports and be a part of teams. He was on his first competitive basketball team this winter.


Interested in donating?

If you would like to support the Stronger Together Foundation, please call us at 636-544-1249 or send an email to info@strongertogether.org. Or you can donate online via PayPal now! Just click the donate button below.